Brugge to Cognac

Hello again!   We have been so busy lately we have not had the chance to post until now.   We had a lovely and SHORT trip to Brugge, our only stop in Belgium but it is worth mentioning.  Here are some pictures from a small Tintin museum of sorts: In the same shop we got some beers, this was the best one:Spring is coming along splendidly:We climbed the Belfort tower of 366 steps and got some great views and french fries for our effort: Just below the tower is a square where they hold a great market almost every day:Of course they make wonderful chocolates in Brugge but they also make great Marzipan:After Belgium we had a quick overnight stop in Compiegne:And then we went on to Lussault-sur-Loire.  There we stayed in the most excellent cave dwelling which I would recommend to almost anyone!  It was so cozy and beautiful inside, and our host was terrific!:We ate at La Cave, another cave in the area:We had a special table with this cute duck lamp!:We also had a wine tasting at a local vineyard called Chateau Pintray with this fancy gentleman, he was very accommodating:Back into the car, and on to Cognac!We went on an amazing tour of the Baron Otard Cognac Chateau.  The Cognac is produced in the castle originally inhabited by Francis the first.  He reigned from 1515 until his death.  This is his Salamander coat of arms:There are SO MANY great open air markets called “Les Halles” here in France.  This one in Saintes (near Cognac) had many oyster vendors:We are now even further south, just on the France/Spain border and are getting ready for a great beach day tomorrow when it will be nearly 80 degrees, woo hoo!


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