We got a rental car in Paris and drove north.  Surprisingly we hit no traffic and had a smooth ride.  There are great rest stops on this side of the world, though you sometimes have to pay .50 euro to go to the bathroom but we don’t mind!

We were in Amsterdam for three days and it is just… THE BEST!  What an amazing city!  There are almost too many bicycles, they almost have a bicycle problem.  Such 2 wheeled bliss.

We stayed in Zunderdorp.  Zunderdorp is where everyone should stay here.  From here it is a mere 30 minute bicycle ride to the center of Amsterdam but it is like staying in the country side!  Here is the wonderful place we stayed, you can see Alex standing by our cottage in the orange hat:

View out our patio doors: By the breakfast table:

Everyday we woke up to a lovely breakfast made and brought to us by our wonderful host Henk.  There was always a side of what look and taste like sprinkles, and it seems you are meant to put them on your toast… I’m still not quite sure what to make of them. Lovely Zunderdorp.  There are so many kinds of birds, large flocks of sheep and beautiful houses:

Biking into town one gets the thrilling chance to ride the bike ferry!  ***Not actually called the bike ferry.***  It is free and fast and easy!  It runs every hour of everyday except holidays, amazing!  The BF takes you across Het IJ which is important if you are staying in Zunderdorp and want to go into the more historic part of town. 

We went to both the Van Gogh and Rijks museum.  You weren’t really allowed to take pictures at the Van Gogh museum but I got a few before they said “Hey you can’t take pictures in here lady.”  Oops! When a snake is eating a frog and then gets attacked by a lizard and then comes across a mouse to save for eating later:Lobby, Rijks museum:

Adorable mini silver things!!!:For all you gunblade enthusiasts out there… this one is at least 200 years old. One of the best parts about the Van Gogh Museum was the museum shop where you could get several of his most iconic paintings on a plate, or on an apron, on a shirt.  You could get it on a necklace, on a belt buckle, on a mug, on disposable napkins, on an eggcup, on a box, on a pen or pencil, on a notebook, on a bag or even on a bicycle seat cover!  Amazing! Some lovely views of Amsterdam:
We had some great food in Amsterdam too, including some traditional dutch food at The Pantry which seemed to be quite popular:Goat Cheese croquettes:We had some lovely apple cake at Winkel 43.  When asked they said they go through over 100 cakes a day:There was a lot of good beer:It was sad to leave Amsterdam and Holland behind but we did a lovely day trip on our drive south to Brugge, it is quite possibly the cleanest, most photogenic city in the world.  More to come on that front!

Until then 🙂 !


One thought on “Waterworld

  1. Enjoying your awesome adventure. Love the cottage in Zunderdorp and the bike ride to Amsterdam with vistas and food. Looking forward to your posts from Brugge.

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