Pompidou to Pantheon

We are lucky enough to get the chance to visit Paris twice on our journey, so look back for more Paris toward the end of our travels.

Also we have tried to fix the pictures that wouldn’t reveal themselves in the last post so let us know what happened with that!

This was our day Saturday, get ready for all the art pictures you would ever need to see from someones trip to the Centre Pompidou:

After all that, we strolled to lunch at a very good Italian style place a couple blocks over from the museum.  Alex ate a large plate of meat for lunch there and was very happy.  Kim had a large delicious salad and was most pleased with the finely sliced fennel and the red wine, yum!  It was called Assaggio:

Then of course we had to have dessert, this time eclairs:

We saw a few funny things walking around Paris too:

Then we walked on to Notre Dame, a place which never ceases to amaze. Below is a three image composite panorama of the facade of the cathedral and some more panorama shenanigans:

Then we walked to the Pantheon but didn’t bother paying to go in, we were getting tired:

We walked through the parc Luxembourg:

We did so many other things but I cannot go on as this post is already too long!  Enjoy a little preview below of our trip up to Amsterdam:


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