Jet Lag

To start we would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible, we cannot believe we are actually here in Europe together!  A few words on sleep deprivation; I don’t think that anyone should ever stay up more than 24 hours and then write a blog post but here we go!

After the traditional before flight beer, we headed out into the night thrown all about at top speed by the jet stream and made it (I think) in only 5 hours to London Heathrow Airport.  There wasn’t quite enough time to rest between jarring turbulence and rather loud neighbors so when we got to Heathrow we gave up on the idea of sleep and are now challenging ourselves to stay awake until tonight… I wish it was tonight right now…….

Here’s our best Heathrow shot:


Our connecting flight to Paris also arrived early and we got through to the baggage claim and out the door in record time!

Onto Paris:

It’s rather like spring here, although it was cloudy today.

View from our room:

We explored Montmartre for as long as our wobbly jet legs could hold us up.  Here is a picture of a lovely cheese shop down the street.  From this shop it seems you can walk 10 paces in any direction and find a patisserie, a butcher, a fruit and vegetable stand and a fish shop.



Great opportunities to exercise in this neighborhood:

We walked over to check out the amazing views at the Sacre Coeur:


Above is a composite image, thus the floating umbrellas and human abstraction.



Also we stopped into the Espace Dali:





More Paris to come tomorrow! A bientôt!


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