New Adventures

This weekend all 7 interns here at the farm rented the van and headed north.  We covered a lot of ground having worked all day Thursday so we could take Friday off for the journey.  We managed to see Waipio and Pololu Valley, along with the towns of Hawi and Waimea.

Waipio lookout:


The road down to waipio has a 25% grade and is for 4wd vehicles only, so we walked down:


At the bottom there was a “wild” horse which one of the new apprentices dubbed “Travis”.  He looked hungry, and we fed him granola bars.





A small river flowing from the valley fed the ocean right through the middle of the beach.  We had to ford it get across to the sandier beach on the other side:DSC01479DSC01480

Alex helping Hannah across:


The water on the black sand beach was beautiful, but there were no fish in sight.  There was a large sand bar about 50 ft out.


A dog watching for his owner who was out on a sea kayak:


Papyrus growing in the valley:


The whole crew:




We camped here at Laupahoehoe state park, which was lucky because all the other parks were booked up:

DSC01499 DSC01498


We then drove to the northern most side of the island to Hawi and Pololu Valley.  Pretty pictures from the drive:

DSC01513 DSC01512 DSC01508 DSC01507



DSC01547DSC01527 DSC01546 DSC01543DSC01541 DSC01540DSC01539 DSC01537DSC01536 DSC01532

Cool swings were everywhere!!!!

DSC01531 DSC01530 DSC01528

On the drive back south we stopped to show the lava tube (from our first adventure on the island) to the others who had missed that trip.  Saturday night we went back to the farm to shower and recoup.  Home sweet home; Jesse, Sara and Victor (the cat):


A few of us drove north again the next morning back to Barry’s favorite beach makalawena and had a lovely day.  We only have two weekends of adventuring left in Hawaii!!!


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