Other Aspects of Life on the Farm

Some of you may have been wondering where we spend most of our time when we are not sleeping and working while on the farm.  That would be in the warehouse.  The warehouse contains the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and laundry room all in one big room!  It is also where the wifi lives.


The warehouse is open to the air, so it is pretty hard to keep clean.  One must accept the floor will never seem swept even though you went at it with the broom AND the vacuum.  There is also a plethora of stuff former interns have left behind including books, movies, clothes, and many shoes.  Mostly the books get used, the rest of it is just clutter.


The stoves, there is no oven!


A swing:


The living room:


The bathroom:


Adjacent to this living space is where we clean up the lettuce and plant starts:DSC01378DSC01377

We share the warehouse with three cats:  Allegra you have already met; Victor, a rather cranky old cat who can only eat liquid foods; and felix:DSC01375Felix is the best!


The shower is outside the warehouse, in an overgrown coffee grove.  It is really nice to shower outdoors actually.  The path into the shower:DSC01381DSC01382

The shower, mostly private:



3 thoughts on “Other Aspects of Life on the Farm

  1. I think I missed your birthday, bad grammy… love you and miss you.
    I will have to think of something special when next we meet.
    love and kisses

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