This weekend was super fun.  Amanda, one of the wwoofers who was here when we first arrived, returned to the farm after a three week trek around Kona for her last hurrah before she leaves for Oahu Monday.

Friday we went to a brew-and-view at a local theater.  The film was Monty Python’s Holy Grail and if you dressed up you got free kettle corn (and apparently applause) so naturally we all obliged:




Saturday morning we returned to 2-Step to swim with the dolphins of which there were many.  The people you see farthest out in this picture are swimming with them,  they are really close to shore:


We then did a more thorough investigation of “Place of Refuge”, a state park bordering the reef.  Back in the day, if you committed a crime against the king’s law but you managed to make it here before you were killed or caught you were permitted sanctuary.  If you stayed in Place of Refuge for a year, your name was cleared and you could return to society.  Really not a bad place to be for a year:

DSC01320 DSC01342 DSC01338 DSC01337   DSC01334 DSC01332 DSC01331DSC01343 DSC01341 DSC01339DSC01326 DSC01324DSC01322 DSC01321 DSC01333 DSC01335


Fish nests:

DSC01327h nes

The yellow you see under the water are the tang (a fish):

DSC01345image - 2

Rumor had it there was a sick sea turtle swimming around the park,  we asked a park ranger if this was it:


But apparently this is just what sea turtles do.  He’s just sleeping.



That night we had a big fire and burned our Boss’s christmas tree from last year:


Sunday we went for a little hike down from the top of Napo’opo’o Road to the Captain Cook Monument area, which was rumored to have the best snorkeling.  We all agreed, it’s true.  Here are pictures from the hike down, which was the easy part:

DSC01365 DSC01364 DSC01363 DSC01362 DSC01361 DSC01356 DSC01354

Mesquite trees are so cool:

image - 4image - 6

DSC01364 DSC01365

Our destination was reached:

DSC01366 DSC01367 DSC01368


The best part of our day here was when 4 humpback whales swam into the bay we were snorkeling in!  This is very rare.  I could see them underwater through my goggles.  Alex swam very close to them, perhaps within 20 feet.  There was a mother her calf and two larger whales.  We heard them sing!!!  You may not be able to see the whales in these pictures but this is where they first appeared to us.  I quickly jumped in the water after taking these to get a closer look:

DSC01369 DSC01370


“Kona Snow” aka Coffee flowers:

DSC01348 DSC01351

The bees love them.



2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Envy envy envy! Me want to go to Hawai’i. Looks very volcanic. Looks very good for soul and body. Y’all be sure and come back though! Or maybe I would say, y’all stay right there so we can come and visit!

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