Welcome to Tent City!


This is where we sleep at night/ keep most of our stuff; tent city.  It is a place of four humble abodes and papaya trees, situated above a lettuce patch and below our community garden.  The tents are… used.  But we really cannot complain, except for the unwanted guest who comes creeping in through the holes in the tent at night:


This is Allegra.  Here she is in Hannah’s tent… she doesn’t know she is unwanted:


She is a real sweetheart but she has interrupted our sleep too many times!!!  Throughout the night she periodically meows out front of our tents and if she can get in, she does.  If she just wanted to snuggle all night, fine.  But she roams about the tent and makes such a din in the silent hawaiian nights.  ARGH!

Anyway, here is the view from the tents in high contrast:


And regular contrast:


Outside of our tent,


we planted this little garden, and the peas and radishes have begun to sprout!


Here is the inside (it is hard to be clean in a tent!):



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