We have had a high surf warning these past few days here on the west coast of Hawaii, so naturally people were pretty excited to get out and see the waves and the many talented surfers/ boogie boarders.  We went this Wednesday to a beach we had been to once before, Kua, which had had some pretty big waves but nothing like these!  I’m not sure the pictures do them justice:

PICT0002 PICT0003

Here is Alex out by the big waves:


For the less brave people (like me) the waves were small enough close to the shore for some less nerve-wracking fun:PICT0008PICT0013PICT0026

Caleb with his castle and cool underwater camera goggles:



We saw a few humpback whales from the shore breaching and swimming by, but we have yet to hear them singing.  It has also been very clear these past few days so we could actually see the sun set over the ocean and the top Mauna Kea: DSC01274 DSC01277 DSC01278


Here are some pictures from Ke’e (pronounced K-A) beach we went to yesterday (Friday), the waves were much rougher than the last time we went there so no cliff diving:

image - 6imageimage - 4image - 8



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