And what a Saturday indeed.

After rising early, we began the day by hitchhiking (which is very popular and safe in Hawaii for all you worry-warts).  Our first ride got us part way to the reef we were hoping to get to, a place called “2-step”.  The second ride we got was a fantastic stroke of luck.  We were picked up by a couple going to the same reef to snorkel.  They were very nice people who were originally from Minnesota.  This is 2-step:

DSC01216 DSC01217 DSC01218

We stuck with them when we arrived; swimming with a small pod of dolphins, looking at the myriad fish amongst the coral.  They said they would take us back to the farm but wanted to know if we would come with them to another beach down the road with cliff jumping and surfing first–an offer we could not refuse.  We all piled in the car and went here:



The point you can see across the bay in the picture above is where Captain Cook first landed and went along with the natives on the idea that he and his crew were gods.




Our new friends then dropped us off at our doorstep where we found that someone had picked young coconuts which we got to try for our first time on the island.  SO AMAZING!




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