Work Dayz

Hello All!

Work has commenced for us at the farm.  The first day was spent picking Kona coffee!  This activity usually is performed by a band of professionals but since there wasn’t much to pick, Alex and I and the rest of the crew got to try it out.  Here is a picture of the coffee:


Our second day of work (today) was a harvest day.  We picked and packed record amount of lettuce and boy o’ boy did it feel like it.  I think you could make 1 million salads out of all that lettuce, wowza!  It was a long day, but a very enlightening experience.  Now I see the true potential productivity of a 5 acre farm!

After work we all went to an awesome beach with ENORMOUS waves.  The water was turquoise and speckled with many boogie boarders and body surfers.  This was sort of the color of the water (I didn’t have my camera there, but you get the idea):



If you click on the pictures in our blog they get MUCH bigger.


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