Flying Into Our First Adventure


The flight across the pacific was a bumpy one, our pilot assured us several times that this was completely normal.  After much anticipation Hawaii appeared!

DSC01152 DSC01153 DSC01157

We were picked up at the airport in Kona by a band of hooligan youths (also apprentices).  They took us down the road to a lava tube while we waited for another pair of travelers to arrive.  The tube was basically a large dark cave with a river of fresh water in it’s depths.  Deep inside we found a troop of people celebrating the new year.  They were taking a dip in the water, illuminated by glowing balloons and  flashlights BELOW:

DSC01165 DSC01166 DSC01168 DSC01169 DSC01170

We then picked up the newcomers and went off to the farm:



After a night out in Kailua-Kona, we await our first day of work starting tomorrow at 7:30 am!


2 thoughts on “Flying Into Our First Adventure

  1. This all looks incredible! Keep up the pictures, I don’t know nearly enough about Hawaii to be able to picture what you’re seeing. I love you both!

  2. Yeah you made it! Just in time 2 degrees last night. Cold again tonight. That field looks like a nice place to work. Happy New Year. Love, Deb

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